Avoiding the Pitfalls of Content Marketing

By on Aug 29, 2011 in Make Money Online |

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The myth that small businesses do need to have a website is simply just that—a myth. The fact is that a big chunk of the population makes use of the Internet to check out local businesses before making purchases. When consumers are online, they are on the look-out for great content. Because of this, entrepreneurs and businessmen understand the real value of content marketing. Businesses make use of content as a medium where they can share key messages and try to influence individuals who are part of their target market. But content marketing should not be considered as a panacea which will instantly bring about unrivalled success. There are certain pitfalls which must be avoided.

Relying on Gut Instinct

You will be pumping resources and money into your content marketing strategy, and because of that you cannot afford to merely rely on assumptions. In order for you to run a successful content marketing strategy, you have to know who your target readers are and how they discover, consume and share information. Without knowing any of these beforehand, you’ll be running a campaign based on trial and error which is neither effective nor efficient.

Not Establishing Networks Beforehand

What usually begins with any content marketing campaign is that a piece of content is blasted through Twitter, blogs and other social media networks. However, this isn’t the most effective method because you haven’t exactly established networks on these distribution channels and communities yet. In order for you to promote your content successfully, you need to have fans and should have established yourself to begin with before promoting anything.

Start and Stop Campaigning

Content marketing is just the same as SEO in that it requires your ongoing commitment in order for it to succeed. You do not start your content marketing campaign just so that you can get out of the wagon at the middle of the journey. It’s either you do and stick with it or you do not at all. You might not have any content to share for the time being but that does not mean you can stop building networks and establishing your presence in different distribution channels and communities. When the time comes that you have a compelling piece of content to promote, you’ve already established yourself by then.


Most people would think that SEO has everything to do with keywords. But bad keyword optimization can actually harm the quality of your content and put your content marketing campaign in hot water. An SEO professional knows that there is more to SEO than keywords and that both SEO and content marketing can go together hand-in-hand.

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