ASUS Serves Up Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The Transformer Prime

By on Nov 29, 2011 in Android |

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This ASUS tablet is a powerful example of what the near future holds in the mobile realm. ASUS has packed some heavy firepower in a battery powered tablet that will use the new Android operating system to deliver digital happiness. Read on to find out more on this upcoming tablet here in this informative article.

Basics Of The Upcoming ASUS Tablet
ASUS is not messing around with innovative ideas, they are in charge. The new Transformer Prime is the chosen vessel to display not a dual core or tri core chip. This supertablet has a quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. The screen is a lively 10.1 inches of digital real estate. The tablet can come with a connectable keyboard that makes the Prime a delectable performer.

The Prime Screen Is Fully Equipped
The ASUS Transformer Prime tablet is equipped with a screen that is just a tad bit larger than the iPad. The same IPS technology that is used on the iPad is also on the Prime. But ASUS goes a step further and gave the screen “Super” IPS. This makes it much easier to view the screen from high angles. The display is protected by “Gorilla Glass”, a Corning invention which is two to three times tougher than regular glass. Resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels.

The Tegra 3 Processor Is A Beast
The star of the ASUS Transformer Prime is the Tegra 3 processor. This is a “System On A Chip” ( SOC ) that has five ARM Cortex A9 cores, not four. Nevertheless, it is called a “quad core” chip. It is said to be five times faster than the previous Tegra 2 chip. The fifth CPU is to be used in standby mode. With all this power available one might think that the battery is drained quickly. Not so with the Prime. With the tablet alone, the 22 watt-hour battery will last for 12 hours. If the screen is also connected to the keyboard, that will add another six hours to the use. The keyboard has its own battery installed.

The Prime Keyboard Transforms The Tablet
Speaking of the keyboard, it has a slot for a MicroSD card and USB connector. This will make it a very useful mobile tool for those who need the extra touch of a manual keyboard with the conveniences of a laptop. The operating system is going to be the last release of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The Transformer Prime comes in two colors, Champagne Gold and Amethyst Gray. The tablet will be available next month for $499 dollars.

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