Application Mania: A Selection of the Top Apps for the iPhone

By on Mar 3, 2011 in iPhone |

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iphone appsThere are many types of iPhone applications, from social networking to music, camera apps and shopping apps. Many have bugs, don’t work properly, or are just plain annoying.

Looking into the sea of iPhone apps, it’s understandable to feel a little confused. So many designers and publishers, each vying for your business.

Social Networking
For social networking on Twitter, Tweetie 2 is at the top. Twitter seems to have as many fans as it does detractors, but regardless of how you feel Twitter isn’t going to disappear just yet.

Tweetie 2 can handle multiple user accounts, can translate tweets from different languages, and can sync up your personal twitter address book with the address book on your iPhone, so you can find all your twit friends, and any new friends who come your way. It also has the standard features, like reading and twitting, which sync with your online profile when you go to back to your computer.

For the Facebook user, the best app for this on the iPhone is actually Facebook’s own iPhone app. All the features of the online version straight to your mobile, easy to use interface and menus, so you can easily get your messages and find out what’s happening where you’re not whenever you wish.

Money Saving
Yes, not only can your iPhone do more than your can, it can also save you money. With coupons and other such goodies, a free app that saves you money is a pretty good app to have!!!

Valpak Local Coupons is an app that allows you to get coupons for your local area. All kinds of saving are available to be had, from buy one get one free meals to discounted oil changes. So, instead of waiting for the mail to arrive, just pop on to your iPhone and start saving with these coupons!!!

The Yard Sale Mapper is just that. It searches for yard sales, tag sales and garage sales using craiglist.org’s database and brings you back the sales in your area. Using a map, finding directions is easy. So, if you have the weekend free, why not take your iPhone, and hunt the streets looking for bargains on whatever you can find!!!

Camera Application
One of the most fun, and most interesting camera apps available is the Hipstamatic. Combining many features of other cameras, such as different film settings, different styles of lenses, and many different kinds of flashes, there’s so many possibilities and choices for how your photos can turn out. For those artistic types (Or pretend artistic types.), you can pretty much have a little creative workshop in the palm of your hand with this app.