A Look At Modern Gaming PC Requirments

By on Mar 12, 2012 in Gadgets |

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Games are becoming more advanced and demanding with each new release. In order to play games such as Skyrim and Battlefield 3, you need hardware that can handle the graphics and scale. Quality gaming computers can be bought, custom built or upgraded with the hardware required to play high performance video games.

Without a powerful motherboard, a high powered processor, RAM and video card are rendered useless. The motherboard is the core of a computer where all the hardware connects. The best brands for gaming include ASUS and Gigabyte. Computer components must be compatible with the motherboard. An Intel or AMD motherboard determines what other hardware brands can and can’t run with it.

For gaming, processors have to be at least dual or quad-core. Specifications must reach a minimum of the current game you want to play, but it’s important to think ahead. The more powerful the CPU, the more next generation games your PC will be able to handle. Choose an Intel Core i7 or an AMD processor with a clock speed of 3.0GHz or more.

RAM is the memory of your computer, and determines how fast your PC processes information. The amount of RAM effects speed and the FPS, frames per second, during gameplay. To play performance demanding games, a PC needs at least 4GB of RAM. However, 6GB is required to play at the highest and fastest performance possible. The DDR and number of pins determines compatibility with the motherboard.

Video Card
A high performance video card is required to run graphically demanding games. The memory of a video card determines the resolution quality of the game’s graphs and display. The core clock, shader clock and stream processors determines the speed at which the video card runs. This affects frame rate during gameplay. Many new games feature DirectX 11 support. A video game with DirectX 11 will have improved textures and threading. GeForce NVIDIA video cards offer high core clock frequency. AMD Radeon HD video cards have up to 2GB of memory. Always update drivers online to ensure they’re running at maximum capacity.

Hard Drive
As games grow in scale and graphics quality, their data and texture files take up more gigabytes. Many games have additional content available such as downloadable maps, expansion packs, DLC and user uploaded mods. To compensate, a gaming computer should have anywhere from 500GB to 1TB of available space.

Power Supply
A high end computer with powerful hardware needs a lot of power to run. Hardware could potentially overheat if not sufficiently powered. A power supply should be no less than 500W, though anywhere from 600-800W is ideal.

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