5 Educative Gadgets For Children

By on Sep 15, 2011 in Android |

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For the past decades, technology has been rapidly integrated into our daily lives.

Thanks to technology, learning has become more fun and effective. This is especially true when it comes to a child’s education. Today, a kid does not have to be taught to by a teacher to learn, because there are many gadgets that are out in the market today that can help assist a child in his education.

Here are 5 educative gadgets for children that you can try to invest on.

1. Computers
Everybody knows that computers are very helpful. They are made for the purpose of making life easier and more fun. Although there have been many issues about computers and the Internet, it cannot be denied that these gadgets have really helped in the progression of the society. In the educational sector, computers have really made a difference. It makes learning more interactive, fun and much easier. However, when you give your child his own computer, be sure to keep him monitored and always ensure that he only visits wholesome sites.

Computers are best given to children who are in their adolescent years. For little kids, there are those toy laptops that you can buy.

2. Kindles and e-Book readers
e-Book readers are one of the latest gadgets that have surfaced today. They are perfect gifts for children. Kindles allow lots of books to be stored in this tiny gadget. Whether it is for school reference, fiction or non-fiction books, Kindles and other e-Book readers get the job well done.

For those little kids, there is also the VTech V.Reader that can be used when reading bedtime stories with cute animations.

3. VTech MobiGo
VTech MobiGo is one of the most popular educational gadgets for kids. This device is actually a handheld game console that comes in colorful casing. Instead of serving as a mobile phone, the VTech MobiGo can be used in playing educational games that can help a child learn about the basics such as alphabets, counting, colors and shapes and a whole lot more.

4. Playskool Alphie
For a 2-in-1 super gadget, there are robot educators such as the famous Playskool Alphie robot. Children love robots so using them to educate your children can be a lot easier than having them sit down and read a book. This particular robot, Playskool Alphie, has a lot of features that include vocabulary, numerical and other logical lessons that your children can learn while having fun.

5. Brian the Brain
Aside from Playskool Alphie, another very cool educational robot toy that you can give to children is Brian the Brain. If Playskool Alphie have its own lessons programmed, Brian the Brain is programmed to answer questions of your little children. Brian the Brain has a whole encyclopedia installed in its system. Whether your child just randomly ask educational questions, or he needs to answer a homework, he can just talk to Brian the Brain and he will get the answers to his questions.

These are just some of the coolest educational toys out there. Note that, with great features come high prices. Nevertheless, though these gadgets may be a bit expensive, they are definitely worth your money.

This guest post was provided by Danny who likes to play with the latest Android tablet apps on his ASUS Eee Pad. Would you like to write for us?