5 Awesome Online Grading Apps for Teachers

By on Nov 30, 2011 in Blogging, Computers, Internet |

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There’s no doubt that being a teacher is tough. You’re teaching all those kids, dealing with their parents, changing with growing technology, and much, much more. Nevermind actually teaching kids, but there’s also all of that grading. It can be overwhelming at times, no? But what if you used the latest technology to help you improve yourself as a teacher? You can easily utilize the latest in online grading apps to help you grade your students’ work faster and easier than ever. Read the top five on the market below.

  1. Teacher Tool
    Teacher Tool is an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app that helps teachers with their work. Teacher Tool is essentially a teacher’s gradebook, calendar, notebook, and course register all in one easy app. It can save grades and even make suggestions for mid-term or end-of-the-term grades. The app also does more than just keep track of grades. It helps you track your students’ absences and if they’re unexcused or not. Best of all, Teacher Tool is free

  2. GradePad
    Also an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app, GradePad is $2.99 but offers teachers a ton of useful tools. GradePad helps you manage groups, create assessments, and then track performance over time. This app is also great for coaches and trainers who need to evaluate skills over a period of time.

  3. Engrade
    Engrade is a free online site that allows teachers to create their own custom gradebook. They can set their own grading scale and easily enter in grades. Better yet, Engrade gives students and their parents access to their gradebooks, so they can keep track of their grades throughout the semester. Plus, Engrade offers other useful services, such as attendance tracker, online quizzes and flashcards, and a homework calendar. And, all of this is completely safe and secure.

  4. JupiterGrades
    Formerly SnapGrades, JupiterGrades is very similar to Engrade in that it offers the ability to create your own custom gradebook and keep track of your students’ grades easily along with attendance records. However, to get the more advanced features, such as report cards, lesson plans, transcripts, and more, teachers have to pay a fee in order to upgrade services.

  5. Viper
    Viper is much more than your typical teacher grade tool. This website will allow you to check your students’ essays in order to see if they plagiarized any part of it off of the Internet. With Viper, you can even program it to proofread, edit, and grade your students’ essays

Give these apps a try to determine if one is right for you. No matter whaty ou choose, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a leaner, meaner grading machine.

About the Author: Shala Bortle is a fan of technology and loves watching how technology can be applied in the classroom setting. When she’s not studying trends in education, she can be found check for information on niobrara oil and other shale sites in the US. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?