3 Ways to Optimize Your Images for Google Image Search Engine

By on Jan 30, 2012 in Search Engines |

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There are hundreds of ways to increase page views on your website. You can add more articles, guest blog on other sites, and even submit your content to article directory sites. One most webmasters don’t realize is that using images is one of the most powerful ways to increase the popularity of your website- it also happens to be one of the most overlooked. More specifically, Google has one of the most popular image search facilities on the web and this would be an ideal place to utilize this technique.

Sites like Bing may offer more advanced features in terms of their photos but Google is still the most popular in this department with more than 10 billion photos. This is much more than the 250 million they had when they initially launched in 2001. You see, webmasters have realized the power behind Google Images. They understand that they can now use photos to help increase the amount of traffic coming in to their website.

How to Optimize Images for Google Search Engine
Let’s discuss a few ways you can optimize your photos so that they stand a better chance of being ranked higher by Google. First and foremost, use descriptive filenames. Updating filenames will be the first opportunity you have to have a say over which keywords are incorporated into your images. You should give the image a title which briefly discusses what it is for. Also make sure to use the dash (-) to separate words in your title. This method for separating is the most “search engine friendly” route you can take in terms of creating a title for you image.

The next step you need to take is to use the Alt-tag in your image. This is important because it will give you another opportunity to include some additional keywords into your image. Also note that the Alt-tag will be what is placed in the Google Image search when users are browsing through photos. This is why it is important to use this link wisely as it will determine how many people actually visit your site. People who are experience in professional photo retouching have the ability to better increase the quality of their images.

Google Image Labeler
Google Image Labeler is in a sense, a game. You get paired up with a random user on the Internet who is also using this service. Basically, you receive points when both you and your opponent submit tags which are the same. These matching tags are then assigned to specific images and then later taken into consideration by Google. This benefits you because you can use your own images during the game. All you have to do is access your Google Webmaster Central account to make this happen.

These steps won’t automatically rank your images higher in Google. However, if used properly, they should help you stand a better chance at making this happen. While they won’t provide nearly as much traffic as some methods, it is something which holds a lot of merit and can produce some amazing results. Check out some photo retouching tutorials for Photoshop to learn how to make your images “Wow” users.

Images are among the most popular forms of content which people search for on the Internet. By presenting these images on search engines, sites like Google have made it easier for individuals to surf the visual web. For those who are unaware, Google Images can easily display up to 1,000 images for every page. This means that users can scroll through every single one of them without having to click off of the page. As Google Images makes their service more user-friendly, the number of people browsing through visual content is going to increase.

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