10 Apps, TV on Your iPad

By on Jul 3, 2011 in iPad |

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The abilities of the iPad have grown leaps and bounds since its introduction only a couple years ago. As applications (aka, “apps”) are fine-tuned, customers have more variety in options. What does the iPad offer for TV watchers who are on the go?

Comcast, HBOGo (Free + Subscription).
Cable services, such as those listed, allow users full access to their cable providers content. What is the catch? Many times the user must be connected to the service provider’s own internet connection in order to access the content (that means, you can only use the Comcast app on Comcast internet connection). Limiting, but also means you can take your cable viewing to the back porch if you’d like!

NetFlix (Free + Subscription).
Georestricted. It helps to have stable bandwidth; otherwise, this streaming service is going to be choppy. You won’t be able to watch this without WiFi. At the moment, Netflix content is a bit but has proven to update as time progresses.

HULUplus (Free + Subscription).
The free version of Hulu does not offer much, so you will want the premium version. Again, this service is georestricted and you will need an American credit card for accessibility. Netflix and HuluPLUS prices are comparable and offer streaming access to more television content than if you viewed them online. Downside? Watch out for those ads!

EyeTV ($4.99).
Live TV, recordings, and full channel guide! This streams channels from your Mac that is running EyeTV over your Wi-Fi connection. The downside to this is the buffering stages per channel you land on, but the benefit is that this app allows you to view live television on your iPad! If you want more than what is live, choose from shows you have recorded!

SlingPlayer ($29.99).
iPhone/iPad app, and requires a SlingBox to be used. The app allows you to play/pause/record shows playing on your SlingBox. All the options of watching live television, as well as DVR, all on your iPad (over WiFi connection). This app doubles as a remote for your home television, along with the iPhone app.

NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel / Etc (Free, Ad supported).
Many stations, such as those listed above, feature FREE iPad apps that allow viewers to watch many of the more current shows!

As a brief disclaimer, many of these services are georestricted (that is to say, only permitted in certain parts of the world). If that is the case, use a special VPN service like Overplay to disable such restrictions.

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